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A sophisticated region located in northeastern Italy, flanked by the shores of the Adriatic sea and the foothills of the Italian Dolomites, the Veneto is a remarkable reflection of Italy: full of Renaissance art, fine food and style. Here, we will bike through flat farmlands, by stately 16th and 17th century villas, and along lush canals reminiscent of the Veneto's most famous town, Venice. By day we follow gentle routes, and by night we savor the 'dolce vita' of classic Venetian cuisine and opulent villa hotels. 

A look at our tour

We begin our adventure along the Brenta River with a tour of the Villa Stra, a national monument. Next, we bike in the countryside surrounding Venice, passing many of the villas of the 16 and 17 centuries. Then it is on to Castelfranco, a 12th century walled city with an excellent vibe, along the way we have a chance to explore Treviso. Next it is on to Asolo,  considered by many to be the quintessential Italian town. It is a tiny hamlet with an abundance of quaint, winding streets and a graceful piazza overlooking the valley. Then, following Asolo, we head into the foothills and vineyards at the foot of Monte Grappa, to taste some of the sparkling wine which has made this area so famous, and finally reach Bassano del Grappa. That evening we enjoy a walking tour of this old Roman cross roads town and site of the final battles of WW1, we visit the Gappa distillers just before dinner.  From Bassano del Grappa we head to the Palladio city of Vicenza, along the way visiting the walled city of Marostica.  We stay in this city of Neo Classic architecture for two nights. Our second day of riding is along the base of the Berici Hills exploring hidden villages and history. Our last day takes us from Vicenza over to Verona, the city of the Roman Arena, Romeo and Juliet, and Austrian Fortifications. Along the way we also stop in the walled city of Soave.

day to day at a glance

  • Saturday: Meet at Marco Polo Airport and Transfer to Hotel for trip review introduction.
  • Sunday: Brenta Canal and Villas of the Republic
  • Monday: Mira - Treviso - Castelfranco Veneto
  • Tuesday: Castelfranco Veneto - Asolo - Bassano del Grappa
  • Wednesday: Bassano Del Grappa - Marostica - Vicenza 
  • Thursday: Vicenza - Berici Hills - Vicenza
  • Friday: Vicenza - Soave - Verona
  • Saturday: Arrivederci!

Each ride can be lengthened, based on rider preference.  All routes are on secondary roads.

For detailed Route book and information contact us via email.


  • Palladio's architectural masterpieces at villa Malcontenta, Villa Elmo, The Rotonda, and more.
  • The heart of the bicycle industry: Campagnolo, Pinarello, Sidi, San Marco, Wilier Triestina, and more.
  • Pass through the area Ernest Hemingway served as an ambulance driver during WW1 and based his novel 'Farewell to Arms'.
  • Biking through the Prosecco vineyards
  • Grappa and Wine Tasting
  • The Roman Arena in Verona

This is a great week if you enjoy exploring and learning the history and culture of the country you visit as much as you enjoy biking. If you have someone not that interested in the bike riding tagging along this is a perfect tour option: you can ride as many miles you want and, if someone wants a more relaxing day, they can do so without interrupting the flow of the day, nor feel left out. There are plenty of additional activities to enjoy when you are off the bike: wine tasting, sightseeing, cooking classes, or just some shopping in the center are but a few of the options you have available.

other than the bike

Biking works up our appetites for some wonderful Northern Italian meals. The noble region of the Veneto is home to risotto and polenta as well as homemade pasta spiced with radicchio, rucola and endive. Seafood lovers will rejoice in the freshly caught frutti di mare prepared in the Venetian tradition. There is an incredible variety of foods and wines to enjoy along this tour and the pace is set so that you have ample time to explore.

Tour Dates - Cost - What Is Included

Best Time to ride is from May to October.

Full Guided Tour -  group size 2 to 8 persons

COST: Cost will vary based on date of program, hotel level, and additional activities groups may wish to participate in. Contact us for quote.

What's included:

  • Trip Guide walking daily
  • 7 nights 3+ hotel 
  • 7 Breakfast
  • All transfers listed on program
  • 1 Dinner
  • Baggage Transfers
  • Maps and local info sheets

SELF GUIDED - Can be organized at your schedule depending on your group sized and hotel.  Contact us for details.  

COST:  Some cost will increase for dates from 15 July to 5 Sept.  Contact us for quote

  • 7 nights 3+ hotel 
  • 7 Breakfast
  • All transfers listed on program
  • Baggage Transfers
  • Maps and local info sheets

SEMI GUIDED - We offer this option for those wanting a bit of extra assistance but do not necessarily want someone walking with them everyday.  On these program some one will be the each morning to review the day, make sure any transfers and luggage movement is taken care of, and will be a phone call away in the event of problems. You are on your own to do the walks and how you progress through the day.  Also we can help adjust walks as needed throughout the week if you feel the base outline is to easy of if there is poor weather.  

COST: Contact us for quote.

What's included:

  • Daily Trip Coordinator to review routes and take care of logistics
  • 7 nights 3+ hotel 
  • 7 Breakfast
  • All transfers listed on program
  • 1 Dinner
  • Baggage Transfers
  • Maps and local info sheets 

TO SIGN UP FOR THIS PROGRAM Or FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT US AT: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can also set up a web chat to review and ask any questions. Each program can be adjusted to meet group needs. 

Photos from our tour

  • DAY 1

  • Day 2

  • DAY 3

  • Day 4

  • Day 5

  • Day 6

  • Day 7

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