Why travel with us?

"This is not about a lifestyle, it is about a life, style is just an option." °Step into Liquid°

If Simple and Off the Beaten path, Fitness, Outdoor Sports, or Travel is our passion, weather it is cycling scenic rolling hills in wine country, skiing in the Alps, or rock climbing on a small Greek Island. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to inspire other individuals to travel by bike, foot, or other human powered means while along the way taking the challenge to learn more about ourselves, the world, and fellow persons. For us it a true joy to share our adventures and life with other travelers.

What Are Italiaoutdoors Tour Like?

We don’t offer vacations to every destination or pretend to be the perfect program for every level. We understand that when it comes to active lifestyle vacations one size does not fit all. We are a small company ran by individuals that feel life must be balanced and therefore place just as much weight on riding, hiking, or climbing as we do on our end-of-the day wine, good food, and sharing our adventure.

Our tours are small, 2-8 persons, allowing flexibility and spontaneous fun, plus personal service. Our typical day starts in the saddle or with packs ready around 9:30 and ends when it ends; it could be 10 to 100 kilometers, perhaps a couple of climbs and several medieval towns later. That’s the beauty of an outdoor trip; spinning or hiking to explore until your heart is content. We ride/hike in groups, we pedal with partners, we spin solo, you ride/hike anyway you want. You ride or hike where the locals ride and you are guided by a local. Lots of fun is the primary objective in an Italiaoutdoors adventure, which usually involves education of the mind, plenty of adventure, good food and wine, and some sweat and healthy fatigue in the body at the end of the day.


Is this the right program for you?

If you like to learn about a culture, history, food and wine, and perhaps about your inner self, these programs will offer you the perfect platform to launch your adventure. We give you 5 star services so that you can a 5 star experience without stress or worry. Our program tours are designed to meet individual needs and we are flexible and knowledgeable enough in the activity and geographical region to make daily adjustments as needed. Our guests enjoy relaxing evenings, lively discussion, good food and a few glasses of good of wine!


Eating is about healthy selection, local variety, and well made, not just presentation and latest fad!

Weather you have a relaxing jaunt or you want challenge and push yourself all day, travel and adventure ignites a thirst and craving for food. Fortunately, fresh food and fine dining is as easily found in Italy as are outdoor activities and churches. When it comes to unforgettable meals we go for fresh local specialties, locations frequented by locals, whose personalities add as much to the experience as the food itself.  We look for smaller family owned places where you eat freshly made traditional Italian foods for the region.  We provide several options so you can decide what you feel like on a given day. 


Accommodations, Where Do We Stay?

We promise comfortable, charming, and even luxurious homes, chateaus or rural inns that we’ve came across during our explorations and travels. We program the week to be best located for the type riding, walking, hiking, or outdoor activity you will be doing. We choice routes and attractions then make the hotel selection suggestion. We do not think a guest will want to spend all day in a hotel room, but if you choice to do so you will be in comfortable surroundings.  

PLANNING AN OUTDOOR ADVENTURE AND NEED SOME PLANNING, TRAINING, OR GENERAL QUESTIONS CONTACT US AT mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Vernon

Vernon McClure has been a Professional Outdoor Educator, Instructor, guide, and Recreation Programmer for almost 30 years.  The past 20+ has been spent living in Northern Italy and specializing in one day or multi day, private and fully guided bicycle, hiking, climbing, Cultural Interactive programs (food and wine tasting), and city walking tours throughout the northern regions of Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Liguria, Piedmont, and Tuscany. With years experience and an unique skill set, Vernon can inter-mix program styles and activities to meet individual or group skill level, fitness, budget, and cultural interest. These are not packaged programs, these are programs designed with your specific input.

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