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Fitness is the fountain of youth that actually works, even if it will not take us back in time, it helps us slow the damage of the passing of time on the body.  When planning for a bike touring vacation in Italy, rock climbing, or off road running your fitness level will have a direct impact on your enjoyment.  Prep yourself by training smart and starting well in advance. You do not need world class fitness to enjoy active vacations you just need to understand your level and stay within your skill area.

The Body is one of the most important pieces of the Outdoor Equipment Puzzle

How many times do you hear someone talking about getting a light weight, high tech piece of gear to help them go faster or further? However, one piece of equipment at seems to always get overlooked is the body and mind. Today society in general is softer or less fit to face hardships. We use public transportation or our car for everything, computers, and do not even start on the way we eat, all this combines to make us less ready to endure stress and physical challenges. Therefore,we need to work on the body and mind as much as we need to maintain our specialized equipment. There are several accepted norms in exercise theory and some commonly accepted approaches to training and fitness:

Top 5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Fitness Levels

  1. If you are not doing anything at least give yourself 30 minutes each day to walk or run.
  2. Eat at fast food restaurants no more than once per week.
  3. Realize that what your body has been like will likely be how it will stay, aspect it and treat it well.
  4. Drink at least 3 liters of water each day.
  5. Organize yourself and set some fitness goals, then keep a record for at least 6 months.

Planning a Program to get you ready for vacation

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