Kitesurfing In Italy

Guide To Kitesurfing In Italy

Italy is one of the most popular places for kitesurfing in Europe. It has the perfect combination of great wind, sunny weather, cultural attractions, plus great food and wine. Not counting the top spots of Lake Garda, Sicily, and Sardinia, there are over 7.500 km of coastline that holds endless kite-spots to discover. You will find a good mixture of flat water and waves suitable for every riding style supported by good infrastructure, making travel easy, especially for families. You can find a location to kite surf year round in this guide I will list the best time to visit Italy for kitesurfing, how you get there, what you need to bring and all other important information to properly plan and enjoy your kiteboarding holiday in Italy.

Guide to Kitesurfing in Italy

What is Kitesurfing like in Italy

Italy has many different places to go and a variety of spots everywhere along the coast, inland and among the offshore islands. The most common spots are Sicily, Sardinia and Lake Garda but you will also find many spots along Italy’s main coastline. During the summer months spots can become very crowded especially with tourists so the best time to go might be at the edges of the kite season. The summer months has the most reliable winds for most parts of Italy but there are also special spots that have special wind schedules, due to geography. If you plan to visit Sardinia, it even better to go after summer between September and October, when the crowds are smaller and the wind is still good. Italy is great for kids and people that want to discover “la dolce vita” and like a relaxed atmosphere.

Two Great Options to include Kite surfing into your Italian Adventure

Maybe it sounds less attractive then the Caribbean but a kite cruise around Sardinia is a wonderful experience where you can explore spots no one else has ever kited before. These ships book a few guests and will take you to some great locations, you can find live aboard's or cruises that spend the evening in port.  Sardinia is a convenient trip by plane from the mainland and a great chance to avoid the crowded spots during summer.

Taking a kite camp in Italy can also be a great well to progress your skill level and have a ton of fun. These week long camps can be all inclusive or just the instructional service, making them great family or varied level group options. You will find the best conditions for wave riding from beginners to advanced riders in Sardinia. Lake Garda is one of the best options for those on the main land for a group with varied skill levels and wish to explore when not riding.  Along the Adriatic Coast and Sicily is the place to go for total beginners and freestyle riders as you will find flat water and lots of other like-minded people around the area. 

Guide to Kitesurfing In Italy

What makes kitesurfing in Italy special

In Italy the coastline is a short distance from nearly every major city you would want to visit, you will find all kinds of conditions and it pretty convenient ways to get around. There are many kite schools with international instructors, rental equipment, and offers safe programs. If you are a beginner Italy is a good choice to take up kitesurfing as your new hobby sport. You don’t have to search for long to find a spot with shallow and flat water. During summer it is quite warm and the winds are constantly blowing. As well, there are a plenty of professional kite schools with multi language instructor, so you don’t need to worry about safety or communication problems.

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