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Hoya Moros Bouldering Area In the very south of the province of Salamanca, paradise awaits, at least as climbers imagine it. Hoya Moros sets at 2200 meters a.s.l.,  in a valley carved by glaciers.  Now you will find lush green meadows and thousands of granite blocks throughout the area. When the summer heat hits central Spain, bouldering season begins here. In winter everything is normally covered in deep snow. The best time to climb is to come in spring, and the season ends in autumn with the arrival of the first snowfall. Except for a few summer weekends, there is not too much going on, which is definitely not due to the quality and quantity of the more than 1000 boulders, but to the two-hour and high altitude hike up to the area. The Cuerpo de Hombre River works it way though the valley and there are a few natural pools to swim in. Camping is forbidden, but you can stay overnight at one of the bivouac sites. Most people opt to sleep 1000 meters further down in the pretty village of Candelario, where there are small shops, restaurants, cafes, hostels and apartments. Location: Hoya Moros is 225 km west of Madrid at 2200 meters in a high valley in the Sierra de Béjar in the extreme south of the province of Salamanca. Type of Rock: granite Bouldering: About 1100 problems, one third each in the 6th and 7th Bleau grade and a considerable selection of 8 and above range. Best time to climb: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Guidebook: Guía Hoyamoros Boulder Guide (2016). Suggested Problems to try at Hoya Moros: Duende Verde (6A), Zombies del Ron (6B+), Sinaloa (6C), Satélite (7A), Confusion (7B), Arista de la Pacheca (7C), Portucuco (8A), El Legado (8B ), Indartsu (8B+).

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