The Rivers Of Italy


Brenta River in Italy

The Italian rivers are shorter than those in other European regions. This is because the Apennines run the entire length of the peninsula dividing the water into two opposite sides. And the Alps and Dolomites in the North empty into the Paduaian Plain.  However, this geography have created hundreds of rivers throughout Italy due to abundant rainfall, and the snowfields and glaciers in northern alpine regions Italy.

The fundamental water basin divide follows the crest of the Alps and the Apennines and is defined by five main sides, corresponding to the seas in which rivers flow the Adriatic, Ionian, Tyrrhenian and Ligurian Mediterranean. If you take into account the origin and branch streams you can divide the rivers Italian into two main groups: the rivers of the Po valley and the rivers of the Apennine.

The longest river is the Italian Po ( 652 km ), which flows from Monviso, runs along the Po Valley from west to east, emptying into the Po Delta, on the Adriatic Sea. In addition to being the longest, the Po also is the largest river basin, with the largest volume of flow at the mouth. The second is the longest Italian river the Adige (410 km), whose head waters start near the Reschensee and ends near Chioggia, in the Adriatic Sea. The third longest river in Italy is the Tiber River (405 km), starting in the Emilia Romagna Region and flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea. After the Tiber, the Adda River (313 km) and the Oglio River (280 km) are the next longest.

There are hundreds of smaller rivers thought Italy.

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