Treviso Province in the Veneto Region


The Province of Treviso is still called by its ancient name “Marca,” a Medieval term used to indicate the borderlands that during the First World War were the backdrop for heroic events. The area is marked by the waters of the Piave, Sile and Livenza Rivers, charming fluvial landscapes that intermingle with pretty hills and thriving fields that are dotted with elegant and stately homes.

The Capital the city of Treviso  is described by poets as a città cortese ("courteous city"), a calm and peaceful atmosphere that induced 18th-Century Venetian aristocrats to choose the Treviso area as their ideal vacation spot.

The Regional Natural Park of Sile strikes the eye as it moves along the entire length of the river, here traversing a variety of landscapes: humid and marshy areas close to the source, tortuous and rough parts nearer to Treviso, and lagoon landscapes near the estuary. The diversity of landscapes and ecosystems is the perfect habitat for a rich variety of avifauna and wonderful little natural oases, like that in Cervara. The mystic charm of the old villages and the intriguing traces of ancient times enchant visitors on a daily basis.

Finally, the northwestern section is characterized by various peaks that slowly transform into green hills, complete with vineyards and olive groves. Amongst these is the Montello Peak, a mountain of glacial origins, wholly-covered with oak trees and custodian of a precious history both ancient and recent. The heavily-wooded Altopiano (Plateau) del Consiglio is also known as “Bosco della Serenissima” (the Woods of the Most Serene Republic), given that it was the main source of wood for the building of the Venetian Republics ships.


Treviso Province, Veneto Region

Treviso Province

Treviso Province

Treviso Province

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