Summertime in Italy is exceptional, so it’s no wonder that in the month of July in Italy it seems like every  tourist on earth has descended onto the major cities. However, if you know where to go and want to get away from the crowds there are plenty of great escapes, despite the higher cost and higher temperatures.

Weather in July in Italy

July weather in Italy can hot from the top of the boot to the toe – there’s no getting around it. Temperatures typically go up as you go south in Italy year-round, but July is a bit of an aberration in that regard – for some reason, July is often the hottest month of the year in northern Italy. Now, that’s not to say that it won’t be hotter in southern Italy in July than it is in the north, but the south still has August up its sleeve…

Beaches in Italy get more and more crowded starting in June (and sometimes May), and by July they’re packed every weekend and during many weeks with both locals and foreigners. Italians are likely to be getting out of the hot cities every chance they get, taking advantage of any long weekend (or even short weekends) to spend a few days in the mountains, the countryside, or on the coast – so you may be competing with not just foreign tourists but also Italians for hotel space and seats on trains.

With the high heat of July also comes humidity, making the heat more uncomfortable overall. Keep in mind that while many hotels these days do have air conditioning, it remains more of a luxury than a standard amenity in cheaper accommodation and especially in Italian homes. In other words, it’s a good thing to confirm whether your hotel or hostel has air conditioning for a July visit.

Temperatures in July vary depending on where you are in Italy, but as a general rule of thumb these are the ranges:

  • Northern Italy: 65-85°F (18-30°C)
  • Central Italy: 65-90°F (18-32°C)
  • Southern Italy: 75-90°F (24-32°C)

Where to Road Bike in Italy during the month of July:

This is the month to challenge yourself on the classic climbs of the Alps and Dolomite's.  Do not be fooled, it may be hot in the valley but at upper elevation you can still find rough weather, I have ridden the Stelvio Pass in July and gotten snowed on a few times.  So the northern regions of Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto, Fruil Venezia, Aosta Valley, Piedmont, and Lombardy are your best travel destinations.

Where to Rock Climb in Italy during the month of July:

I have climbed throughout Italy during the summer and I actually enjoy hitting some of the southern sites during this month since the crowds seem to be less.  You will need to go early in the morning or late afternoon but since it does not get dark until 2100 hours, you have plenty of time to travel and visit and still get in a few climbs.

The season of course if for climbing the walls of the Dolomite's.  You will find plenty of good routes but as I mentioned above you can not take the weather lightly. 

Where to Do Water Sports in Italy during the month of July.

SCUBA Diving: July is a perfect month to dive in Liguria and explore some of the deeper wrecks and national parks, or dive along the northern coast of Sardinia.  There are also some good dives you can do leaving out of Trieste or just across the border in Slovenia.  Diving during this period is perfect, since the good dives tend to be at deeper depth you will have plenty of activities to observe during your surface interval on the beach.

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