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Bassano del Grappa | Vicenza Province

Walled city of Castelfranco Veneto

Walled city of Bassano del Grappa

Bassano Del Grappa is located north of Vicenza and is one of the larger cities within the Vicenza Province. Bassano sits along the Brenta River as it enters the Valsugana, shadowing over the city is Monte Grappa Mountain Group and Asiago Mountain Group, to the South are the flat lands of the Veneto Plains. This geographical location has made Bassano a strategic land point for thousands of years, controlling the flow of migrating people from the North and South. The city was first established as an army camp, by the Romans, and from that time forward it has played a significant role in history, history that we may be acquainted with but do not realize that it originated in this unique area.

During the French Wars the city was the site of the Battle of Bassano, and Napoleon Bonaparte remained in Bassano for many months. In 1815 it was included in the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia and controlled by the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, and became part of the unified Kingdom of Italy in 1866.

The original name of the town was Bassano Veneto. After the terrible battles on Mount Grappa in WWI, where thousands of soldiers lost their lives, a decision was made to change the name of the town. In 1928, the name was changed to Bassano Del Grappa, meaning Bassano of Mount Grappa, as a memorial to the soldiers killed. Ernest Hemingway during his days as an ambulance driver in the war spent a few days in Bassano and Schio. He placed parts of his book ‘A Farewell to Arms’ in the area as well. Also, other American writers spent some days in the Bassano area during WWI such as Scott Fitzgerald and John Dos Passos.

In World War II, after the Armistice of Italy in 1942, the city was occupied by German troops. During this period there was a large amount of partisan action in the area, and one of the parks has a memorial to repercussions of this resistance.

Bassano del Grappa should be on your travel list when exploring the area and for cyclist there is the classic routes up to Monte Grappa to challenge yourself.  Nearby there is rock climbing and just up the river to the north is a kayak training site that has produced some Olympic medals.  While walking around the city you might see a parachute gliding because the mountain is also a popular launch point for hang gliders and parasailing.

What to See in Bassano del Grappa

The town's tourist information centre is located in the town walls, coming from the train station cross the street and enter the walls of the old city and center is on the left.  They have maps of the town and and other information.

  • Ponti Alpini
  • Asparagus Festival is held each spring
  • Piazza delia Liberti
  • Palazzo del Municipio (18th century)
  • Church of S. Giovanni Battista
  • Piazzotto Monte Vecchio
  • Palazzetto del Monte di Pietii (15th century)
  • Palazzo Pretorio
  • Palazzo Sturm houses the Museo delia Ceramica
  • Museo degli Alpini
  • The Museo delia Grappa "Jacopo Poli"
  • The Duomo
  • Tempio Votivo dei Caduti

    Where to Stay in Bassano del Grappa

    From our experience the best host of the city is Hotel Belvedere. 

    • Bonotto Hotel Belvedere, piazzale Giardino 14, 0424-529845
    • Hotel Al Castello, via Bonamigo 19, 0424-228665
    • Hotel Dal Ponte, viale De Gasperi 2/4, 0424-2191100

    Where to Eat in Bassano del Grappa

    See out Map above for food suggestions.

    Bassano white asparagus has ancient and legendary origins that goes back to a historical period between 1200 and 1500.  In the area of Bassano, the asparagus has the ideal enviorment to grow: sandy, soft, well drained and slightly calcareous terrain around the Brenta River.

    Places we like:

    • Ristorante al Ponte, via Volpato 60, tel. 0423-219274 local dishes
    • Taverna al Ponte, via Angarano 2, 0424-503662, sandwiches
    • Baùto, via Trozzetti 27, 0424-34696, Veneto dishes
    • Osteria Trinità, contra San Giorgio 17 (outside the old walls) 0424-503700, seasonal foods
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    How to Get To Bassano del Grappa

    By train: Bassano del Grappa is connected with Venice by direct regional trains. Fares are cheap and the journey takes an hour and twenty minutes. There are also direct rail services to Padua (varying journey times, from 45 minutes upwards) and Trento (two hours). Travelling to Vicenza involves changing trains, so the bus is easier and at one hour, the journey is just as quick.

    By bus: Bassano del Grappa has a little bus station (autostazione) in Piazzale Trento, by the town wall, just south of the tourist information office and a five-minute walk from the railway station. It consists of some parking bays for buses, a shelter with timetables pasted on the wall and a news-stand where you can buy tickets (which was closed for an extended lunch). There is also a row of bus stops on the street opposite the station. Ferrovie Tramvie Vicentine (FTV) run many bus services linking the towns in this area. There are fairly frequent bus services which connect Bassano with nearby Marostica, some continuing to Vicenza. A number of other bus companies serve Bassano - the timetables at the bus station are simple and quite easy to follow.  Touring the area by bus is possible, but you will need to be organised, study the timetables closely for variations on weekdays, schooldays, summer and holidays, be prepared to fit your days around bus timetables and stock up on tickets before the sales points (usually news-stands) shut for lunch.

    Other Sites Arround Bassano del Grappa

    Bus services connect Marostica with Bassano del Grappa. The train service to Venice is also useful for travellers who are exploring the area using public transport. As well as Venice itself, the train also stops in Castelfranco Veneto, which is another picturesque small town 

    A touring walking or biking itinerary we provide in this part of Italy joins together Vicenza, Marostica, Bassano del Grappa, Cittadella, Castelfranco Veneto, Asolo, Treviso and Padua, with add ons like the Prosecco and Berici Hills, after this itinerary a stop in Venice. This is a great vacation experience away from the crowds, enjoying green countryside, the rolling hills at the foot of the Alps, fine architecture, historic towns, art galleries and excellent local food and wines.

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