Lake Garda In The Veneto Region


Bike Tour Italy, Lake Garda

Lake Grada is Italy's largest lake, and bordered by the Veneto Region, Trentino Alto Adige Region, and Lombardy Region.

When you say Lake Garda its magic immediately starts to have an effect on your mind, taking you to enchanted places where poets and writers have fallen in love over the centuries. Along the Olive Grove Riviera, the name given to the Veneto shore of Lake Garda, you breathe in the colors, the green of the vegetation, unexpectedly Mediterranean, the yellow of the lemons and the blue of the water. But what prevails is the dreamy melancholy of the resorts found along over fifty kilometers of the Olive Grove Riviera.

Starting halfway up the lake, just before the regional border of the Veneto and Trentino, is Malcesine, with its Scaligero Castle, palaces and little churches. There is also innovative scenic cable-way with rotating cars, which in a few minutes takes you to Mount Baldo at an altitude of 1,800 m.

As we move south along the shore road find Brenzone, known for its production of extra virgin olive oil. A township comprised of fifteen hamlets, for a "people-oriented" holiday, in an atmosphere of bygone times. Next is Torri del Benaco which will captivate you with its small medieval village, the marina, the centuries-old olive groves and the gardens enlivened by the delicate shades of the lemons.

Bike Tour Italy, Lake Garda

As the lakes at starts to widen the small town of Garda welcomes you, the township which gave its name to the entire Lake. Located in a small cove the landscape can seduce you with its breathtaking scenery. There is Punta San Vigilio - a splendid bay lined with cypresses, the old port area with its cafes and small shops or the hills above filled with olive groves and wine yards. But the itinerary does not end here, and in a few kilometers you reach Bardolino, a world-famous wine making region, with its Bardolino DOC. The historic center is extremely picturesque, preserving a comb shape typical of fishing villages.

After Bardolino there is Lazise, one of the most ancient Italian municipalities and an important holiday destination, as demonstrated by the splendid manorial villas along the lakeside and in the nearby hamlets of Colà and Pacengo. Finally, we come to Peschiera del Garda, situated in the southern part of the Lake, where the Mincio river is born. Famous sitting for several major historic events, the township is an ideal destination for long relaxing strolls.

To spend a holiday on the shores of Lake Garda also means a vacation of sport and fun: sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, kite-surfing, sport fishing, golf, trekking, mountain bike riding, horse riding. And for a complete vacation the delights of the palate must not be forgotten: lake fish, extra virgin olive oil, wines and cheeses, a delectable tour for another unforgettable trip amongst the tastes and flavors of the Veneto region.

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